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My career path has not been a straight line, but a winding road gathering a spectrum of cultural, life, and work experiences. I’ve had the opportunity to work on an international team in Tokyo, doing user research, and designed a real-time reservation dashboard for students and teachers. I’ve been a design manager at a publishing organization, collaborating with key department stakeholders, creating and presenting wireframes and prototypes to executives, and managing critical digital partnerships. While those experiences vary, they are built on a foundation of curiosity, communication, and empathy for the human on the other side of the technology.
Beyond my passion for user-centered design, I am an avid runner and father to a five-year-old named Milo. I love running because it allows me to feel better at the end of the day. It’s a time to process personal and work challenges while experiencing a sense of mindfulness. As a dad, I would describe myself as an expert lego master, a cardboard spacecraft engineer, and one half of a team attempting to raise a well-rounded and compassionate human.