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Speaking at DesignOps London 2024

Stuart Presenting at designops london

Do you ever walk into a room and immediately feel like these are your people? That was my experience on Friday while presenting at DesignOps London on the topic of change. Henry Stewart Events hosted a wonderful day of operations practitioners at etc.venues. The day was structured into 4 tracks Creative Operations, Photo Studio Operations, Creative Production, and Design Operations.

I was invited and honored to speak on the topic of Digital Maturity in a Wholesale Organization. The focus of my session was on the basics and foundations of the digital journey we find ourselves on at PUMA.

There were some fantastic other sessions at DesignOps London 2024. One that really stood out was from Amelia Strohsnitter of Zendesk. The title of her session was Digital-First to Hybrid – How DesignOps Orchestrates Scale while Holding Space for Change. Amelia offered insights on how her and the team at Zendesk were making space for different modes of working (in-office, remote, hybrid) and how they were measuring designer satisfaction, engagement, and overall impact.

Other topics discussed at the event included the potential of DesignOps and how DesignOps practitioners can leverage AI for tasks like template creation, card sorting, and information synthesis, empowering designers to focus on their core strengths.

Overall, it was a wonderful Friday in London, and kudos to the Henry Stewart team for a stellar event.