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Presenting at Config 2022

Config presentation slide with 3 speakers

The PUMA’s Unified Design System team had the opportunity to present at Figma’s global design conference Config. The conference took place over a 24-hour period between May 10 and May 11. There was a great lineup of global speakers and over 100,000 international participants. The team presented PUMA’s design system and focused on the importance of documentation supporting the design system and the community it supports.

Our design system UI library was built using Figma, and our documentation system was built using the headless CMS Sanity. We decide on Sanity as our documentation content management system for a few reasons. First, the engineers working design system team were also contributing architects of the eComm platform at PUMA, which Sanity also powers. Second, the Sanity CMS is very easy to use from the writing perspective, and it lowered the hurdle for contribution to the system. No matter your technical knowledge, you’ll be able to use the editor to document processes, flows, etc.

If you would like to check out the slides from the session, you can head over to theĀ Figma Community. You can also watch the record of the session below.