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UX Writing Challenge Day Nine: Expired Credit Card

Scenario: The user is trying to rent a car using an application, but the credit card on file has expired.

Challenge: Write them an error message so that they can correct the problem.

Headline: 30 characters max
Body: 45 characters max


UX Challenge Solution

Did you get a new credit card?


Mind updating your card? It expired 3/2019.


UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

I don’t remember where, but I’ve come across a similar message before during my daily digital interactions. I need to get better at grabbing screenshots of little moments of written delight in a digital medium. Someone or a team of people are busting their butts to put together an experience that charms and the least I can do it grab a screenshot. I’ve also been trying to be a bit more mindful of following up with organizations letting them know they are doing an admirable job at this. Whether it’s an excellent podcast or they’ve gone the extra mile to create a holistic user experience, a kind note goes a long way.

Have you run into engaging error messages? Does one standout that you want to share? I’d love to see it.