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UX Writing Challenge Day Eight: Concert Notification

Scenario: The user is a casual music fan and (on occasion) goes to live concerts. They have a music player app on their phone.

Challenge: Tell the user that one of their favorite bands is playing live in their town. How would you compel them to want to go?

Headline: 30 characters max
Body: 45 characters max
Button: 25 characters


UX Challenge Solution

The National is Coming to Tokyo


Catch The National live at Zepp on 3/17.



UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

I’ve noticed on Spotify from time to time that if an artist I follow releases a new album, I’ll get an in-app notification about that new album. The two most recent alerts that come to mind are Father of the Bride from Vampire Weekend, and I Am Easy to Find from The National. Both messages included a graphic of the album cover and a brief message alerting me to the new album drop.

As I was working through this prompt, I tried to keep the message brief, yet information-rich. Being able to deliver just the critical information to the listener felt like the right direction.

I’d like to see this notification paired with a branded graphic from the app or tool that works deeply with the brand guidelines from a design and voice standpoint.

Spotify for Brands does an excellent job at packing content in their advertising media kit. While it’s ad centric, they do a great job at laying out the look and feel of their Brands program and how the notifications will look.

Have you encountered popup notifications or push notifications for concerts or albums? Have you seen some good ones or poor ones? I’d love to see them.