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UX Writing Challenge Day Seven: Score Update Notification

Scenario: A sports fan is at a wedding while their favorite team is playing against their arch-rivals. Their team scores.

Challenge: How would you, quickly, let the sports fan know about the latest play, the current score, and the key players? Write it.

Headline: 30 characters max
Body: 45 characters max

UX Challenge Solution

Goal! Free Kick Rapinoe! 1:0 US

Heath draws the penalty. Rapinoe buries it.

UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

This scenario feels something a good deal of the population has encountered. Maybe it’s not a wedding, but it’s a meeting, or perhaps it’s not sports, but news. But the check phone or smartwatch glance is an everyday thing. My most recent encounter was a message from my son’s daycare. He wasn’t feeling well, and they needed me to pick him up. A quick peek at my phone, and I was able to digest and react to the situation.

One of the striking components of this scenario was managing character budget. Thinking about the screen real estate on a mobile phone, the space you encounter for notifications is minimal. Another part of the puzzle was grabbing the readers attention and informing her immediately of the news. Being mindful of relevant event vocabulary and general informational text we both influences on crafting the notification for this scenario.

What are some best practices you’ve encountered for push notifications? How have you notified the reader about something while focusing on character budget?