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UX Writing Challenge Day Six: Wayfinding Safety Alert

Scenario: It’s Monday. A user has just gotten into their car to drive to work. They plug their phone into the car and start driving.

Challenge: How would you let the user know there’s a fire happening in a nearby town that is causing road closures? The effect on their commute is unknown, but there is a definite danger if the fire gets closer. How do you communicate this to them? When? Write it.

Headline: 30 characters max
Body: 45 characters max

UX Challenge Solution


Use an alternate route or wait for the all-clear.

UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

This scenario was an interesting example of delivering a safety wayfinding message and grab the readers attention immediately. The character limit constraints was a challenging aspect too. With only 75 characters in total between the headline and body, there wasn’t a ton of room to work with.

I’m curious what type of collaboration occurs on a deliverable like this? I suspect it varies between organizations, but trying to figure out what a visual pairing with the copy would look like seems like it could influence both sides of the creative process. When does the engineer become involved in the process before implementation? The more challenges I bump into, I feel a sound interest building in an embedded team scenario. Having everyone in the same room or Slack channel working collaboratively on solutions sounds pretty damn appealing.