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UX Writing Challenge Day Five: App Recovery Message

Scenario: The user works in graphic design. While critiquing a design in a mobile app, their phone abruptly turns off. When they restart the phone, they reopen the app.

Challenge: Write a message that the user will read immediately upon opening the app. What do they need to know? What steps (if any) do they need to take to recover their content? What if they can’t recover the content?

Headline: 40 characters max
Body: 140 characters max
Button(s): 20 characters max

UX Challenge Solution

That Wasn’t Supposed to Happen, But We Got You.


Well, that was unexpected, but don’t worry. Our engineers have worked hard to retrieve your design feedback. It’s all part of the magic.



UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

This prompt took my mind immediately to the wonderful world of Adobe and the program crash message every designer has experienced more than they should. You’ve been working really hard on a project, and the tool crashes. I went with the direction that the app was able to auto-recover the message, but I’d imagine this isn’t always the case. I wonder what the numbers look like for tools that have an active auto-recover mechanism. Adobe and Microsoft seem to do a pretty good job, but there is always a head to the wall feeling regardless of how friendly the message is.

Have you come across any recovery messages that make you cringe? Have you come across any that make you gush with awesome? I’d love to hear.