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UX Writing Challenge Day Eleven: Contact Lens Subscription

Scenario: An elderly user is doing a Google search to find an easy way to buy contact lenses online.

Challenge: Write a title and meta description for a website that sells subscription contact lenses delivered to a user every 30 days—convince them to try it.

Title: 60 characters max
Meta Description: 160 characters max


UX Challenge Solution

Sixty Eyes and Better | Affordable Daily Contact Lenses


Get contact lenses delivered to your mailbox every month. Get your first shipment for free. Try 30 pairs for 30 days. Then it’s $35 a month afterward.


UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

This was a fun scenario. It blended the writing muscle, the UX muscle, and forced me to be mindful of the SEO muscle. The first place I jumped into was the Google search results (SERP). I wanted to dive into SERPs to get a better sense of what organizations were doing to create excellent and poor meta descriptions. There was a real mix out there. It’s also interesting that meta descriptions seemed to change slightly based on the search query. Some were pulling directly from parts of the website, and others were pulling in content from what I assume is the manual meta description.

I took the angle of a monthly subscription program that offers the first month free. This felt like the user would be able to test out the new service and commit after they are dazzled by the quality and service.

I’d love to see a modern design applied to this product, but geared towards an active retired population. This demographic are travelers, runners, gardeners, grandparents, empty nesters, and more. They skew a bit more technology literate, but not early adopters (think Gmail email address, not AOL email address).