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UX Writing Challenge Day Ten: Local Cars

Scenario: The user is trying to view a website to help them buy a car. But, the content can’t load without the user’s location. They need to enter their ZIP code and first name.

Challenge: Ask them where they live and who they are without sounding like you’re unnecessarily mining their data.

Headline: 25 characters max
Body: 45 characters max
Button: 15 characters max


UX Challenge Solution

Want Listings Near You?


We need a little info.
What’s your ZIP and first name?



UX Challenge Scenario Reflection

This was an interesting prompt. Whenever I pull up a website on my laptop that needs my location, I’m prompted with a browser alert that is looking for blanket access to my location data. This always makes me feel a bit queasy because that access is readily available whenever I revisit that site. Sure, it’s convenient, but I don’t love the idea of it always being available. I have bumped into sites that allow you to enter your location manually or regionally. This feels a bit less intrusive but still solves that problem.

I tried to approach this scenario with that lens on. Asking the visitor for a bit of information, but not intending for them to build a profile or initially commit to the website. I’d love to see organizations build a relationship with the visitor for a split second before they deep time into the profile construction.

Have you encountered a permission request that you thought was successfully executed? Have you seen one that totally missed the mark? I’d love to hear about it.