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UX Writers Collective Fundamentals Course

I came across the UX Writers Collective through a Slack group about content and design and was very intrigued. Content design or UX writing as a role has a similar feel to it as service design did a few years ago. What was once questioned from a position perspective is now an integral piece of the team puzzle. I was curious about the curriculum the UX Writers Collective had put together and decided to signup for their UX Writing Fundamentals course.
The Fundamentals course is self-paced and includes seven-units. Units cover topics such as voice and tone, writing for UI components, and how to keep your writing short. I’m a few units in and have been pretty happy with how things are going. The lessons do an excellent job of breaking down the world of UX writing. They map out how a UX writer’s role fits on a team, what type of things a UX writer works on, and more.
I’m looking forward to the last couple of units, unit five (create UX writing), and unit 6 (work with teams). Unit five sounds exciting because there is a focus on before, during, and after parts of the process. With the approach of design being so iterative, this feels like a critical unit. Unit six caught my attention because it digs in on workflow and stakeholder relationships.
Another part of the course that I’m impressed with is the quick turn around on feedback. With program mentors participating from organizations like Amazon, MYOB, General Assembly, and Charter Communications, I’m delighted with the turn around time. I’ve found with other programs that the lag between feedback makes it hard to course-correct as you move along.
I’m looking forward to the remaining UX Writers Collective units and diving deeper into the community that’s the Collective.